Welcome and Thank You for considering taking this journey together to achieve clarity,
follow your vision and reclaim your energy and passion for life!


Here at Phoenix4LifeCoaching we look at your whole well being, of Spirit, Body and Mind!


Developing your Spirit, will enhance your life’s purpose and meaning, connecting to others, looking at and defining your values through personal growth and development and providing the space to connect to something greater than yourself. Being able to give gratitude for all that you have.


Our Body is a vessel connecting us to the Universe and Earth. Allow yourself to slow down, take time out to acknowledge and enjoy your many gifts. Giving yourself permission to listen to your inner voice and knowing that following it will bring you prosperity, a calming and joy!


Our Mind allows us to switch from one thought to another, creating a vision for our present or future self. Your mind can also switch from one emotion to the next, allowing you a wide range of feelings and emotions that can bring much happiness, sadness, doubt or contentment within seconds of each other!


By focusing on the here and now of your life’s journey, I will provide you with the tools to gain clarity of mind and thought, and what your best next steps are, to support you into the future!


I invite you to a Clarity Call to learn more about my Coaching Style, to see if what I do will support you in fulfilling your vision for your life, relationships and business.



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Join your Favorite Intuitive Reiki Energy Healer, Diane Pratt for some well deserved R&R for your Body, Mind and Spirit!

Allow yourself to be pampered, relax and increase your energy. Sunday, November 24, 2019 at the Double Tree Hotel in Tarrytown NY.

Sign up as a VIP Guest and come to a Reiki Energy Workshop from 9:30AM-10:00AM led by Diane Pratt

To Pre-Book your appointment click on Full Slate..Scroll down to Healers….and Click on my name – Diane Pratt




Sooo looking forward to seeing you there

Diane 914-589-8877




Diane Featured on “Bare it All” Radio:
Coping with Grief and Loss During the Holidays

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