Diane is amazing and a great coach. She listened to my needs and helped me formulate a vision what I truly wanted for my life. The vision statement she created for me was so profound and I read it regularly. I would recommend Diane if you are struggling in any way.

Cindie – CA

I recently had Diane Pratt work with me on realigning one of my primary goals that I have not had success with. Diane walked me through a series of strong questions that insured my goal was realistic and yet obtainable. Diane went through a series of probing questions that helped me understand why I have not obtained this goal with past efforts. I am now well on my way to having success with this goal thanks to Diane’s expertise.

Paul R. Roy – Canada – Certified Professional Coach – www.toyourfuturesuccess.ca

Diane is an inspiring coach. She listens unconditionally and asks the right questions, which has helped me understand what has been holding me back. Through various exercises and practices I have gained the confidence and insight to be more effective and successful in my business.

Charmaine – NY – shop.com/wellnessrd

Diane, I wanted to thank you for your valuable advice during challenging phases of my life. Your insight gave me tools to move forward with my healing process. Thank you.

Karen – NY