Posted on November 12, 2013 · Posted in Blog

The holidays are a time of joy, family get together, work parties, pleasantries and it seems like everyone is always so happy. It all becomes so overwhelming. You are tending to your broken heart and don’t have the energy or will power to participate in festivities.

In order to fill some of the loneliness you may be feeling considers letting your family, friends and acquaintances help you with gift shopping, decorating, preparing meals or anything else you may need.
It will give you the support you need, relieve some of the stress and anxiety of the season and keep you connected with others.

Accepting help is also rewarding to the friends who want to help but are not quite sure where to begin. You are creating an opportunity to strengthen your relationship and open the door to talk about what you are going through. Friends may not know what to say or how to start the conversation, so they often do not say anything. It does not mean they do not care, they are afraid to make you sad or say the wrong thing.

Remind yourself that this is your holiday too and you get to say how you will celebrate it, If you are sad, allow yourself to feel sad, if you are angry allow yourself to feel angry and if you find yourself singing along and feeling happy allow yourself to feel the joy. Do not allow others to dictate how you should feel or act during the holiday season.

The holidays are also a great time to start new traditions and still honor your loved one. You can prepare your loved ones favorite dish and include it in the holiday celebrations. Buy a gift with your loved one in mind and donate it. Start a decorating party or a holiday card writing party with friends and family. Write a Poem and frame it or incorporate your loved ones favorite song during the festivities.

No matter how you decide to celebrate be kind to yourself and do what feels right for you.