New Beginnings


This package will support you if you have recently experienced a loss, or you have never addressed your loss regardless of when it occurred. There is no set length of time you need to complete your sessions. We will customize a schedule to best fit your needs.

During our time together we will review your needs, your goals and create strategies to rebuild your life one step at a time. We will journey through the five stages of grief, (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance) and explore your belief system in the area of the grief process. You will be in a safe environment where you can freely share your feelings, fears and emotions. We will explore your support needs and who is available to add to your support network.

The goal is not to avoid the grief pain or work around the emotional turmoil your loss may have brought, but rather look at each stage and help you face it with strength and grace. We will address any uncompleted aspects of your relationship with your departed loved one and address any health issues, uncontrollable crying or physical pain you may be experiencing as a result of your loss.

At the end of your journey you will have acknowledged the irreplaceable loss you have incurred. The possibility of a community life and re-building old and new relationships with loved ones will become a new reality, not just a distant dream. You will have an understanding that your loved one will always be with you in thought and spirit and that you too are allowed to continue with your life to find and experience joy, love and laughter.


New Beginning Sessions

Grieving is as individual as our DNA and working through the fives stages gives us the tools to learn to adjust to live without your loved one. There is no particular order to experience these stages nor does everyone go through all of the five stages. This is your journey and being able to recognize and express what you are feeling will allow you to make sense of it all. We will review each stage and together create strategies for you to reclaim your energy, passion for life and in some cases a return to their spirituality.

Denial: You have just incurred the loss of a loved one and your head knows he/she is gone, but your heart is not willing to believe it. You expect the phone to ring and hear your loved one’s voice explaining why they are not home yet. You keep repeating the story of your loss, hoping that it will change the outcome.

Anger: You may be angry at yourself for not foreseeing that your loved one was going to leave you. You may be angry at God for not protecting your loved one. The anger you are feeling does not have to make sense and may be a cover up for the pain of your loss you are experiencing.

Bargaining: It allows us to escape the reality and momentarily the pain of your loss. You will find yourself starting most sentences with “If only” or “What if, “blaming yourself for not doing things differently to save your loved one. You may also bargain to rid yourself of the pain you are feeling.

Depression: Generally in this stage it is not a sign of mental illness, but rather a natural response to the loss you have experienced. It will feel endless, and “what’s the point” will be an ongoing question you ask yourself. Friends may want to fix you, but if you allow yourself to experience your depression, it will leave naturally as you heal from the pain of your loss.

New Beginnings: The acceptance stage merely allows your brain and heart to acknowledge that your loved one is no longer in this physical world. It does not mean you are healed, or OK with the loss of your loved one. You will continue to think about your loved one and wish he or she was still here. When you find yourself creating a New Beginning, know that you have gone through the grief process.


New Beginnings Package

Together we will customize a coaching package that supports your unique needs and goals, an agreed upon time frame, frequency and investment.

Each session consists of one hour (60 minutes) coaching, a 10 minute touch-base phone call, a check-in email and a suggested exercise handout in between sessions.

Sessions are conducted via phone calls or Skype calls. In-person sessions can be held in Bronxville office, or public place in NYC at no extra charge.

The work in this package is based on the Elizabeth Kübler-Ross model work and My Life Experience.

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