My Story

It completely broke my heart when my husband passed away unexpectedly 15 years ago. I was shocked at the depth of loss and sorrow I felt. I also lost my sense of inspiration and motivation, and experienced short term memory loss. The other thing that happened, although people were very kind to me, when I talked about my husband they got very quiet and uncomfortable and I felt isolated and really lonely.

I knew it was critical that I talk to someone who would understand what I was going through and would listen unconditionally. So I put myself into counseling for a year and found that being able to talk freely was instrumental in my healing. I was so impressed with the process that I decided to train myself to work with people who were grieving; taking workshops and seminars that deepened my healing and supported me to reconnect with friends and share freely with them. I also got certified as a Professional Coach (CPC) and Certified Spiritual Coach (CSC) through Fowler Wainwright International specifically to work with those who are going through the grief process. My certification was a natural progression of my 18 years of business and personal coaching experience.

Phoenix4Life Coaching, LLC. is the result of all my experiences and commitment to supporting people move through the four stages of grief and loss (denial, anger, bargaining, and depression) offering powerful listening to triumphantly enter and rebuild their life from the fifth stage of acceptance. From my own experience of isolation and friends not knowing what to say I have also created workshops for those who would like to support and comfort those in their community who are experiencing this kind of loss.

As a grief coach, my mission is to support my clients restore energy and passion for life and in some cases, a return to their spirituality.

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