Phoenix4Life Coaching offers powerful listening and support to help people move through the four stages of grief and loss (denial, anger, bargaining, and depression) to triumphantly enter and rebuild their life from the fifth stage of acceptance.

A question most of my clients ask “how long will the grief process last?” There is no universal answer; everyone grieves in their own way and according to their own timetable. What is certain is that no one should go through it alone. I will support you on your journey as you reclaim your energy, passion for life and in some cases, a return to spirituality.



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As a Grief Coach I provide the following:


  • A Safe Environment
  • Understanding and Compassion
  • Objective Listening
  • Health and Nutritional Tools
  • Support and Acceptance
  • Strategies to Build a New Future


During our time together we will journey through the stages of grief, explore the grief process and any grief work you may have completed. You will be in a safe environment where you can freely share your feelings, fears and emotions. We will create strategies for you to live into a new life and build a new future for yourself.



Learn more about my Coaching Packages to reclaim your energy and passion for life.


Healing Spirit Coaching Package | New Beginning Coaching Package


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Coping with Grief and Loss During the Holidays

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